In Germany, more than 50,000 people have died in connection with the coronavirus since the pandemic began around a year ago, as the Robert Koch Institute announced on Friday. "That is a depressing, for me almost unbelievable number," said RKI boss Lothar Wieler.

Federal President Steinmeier also called on all citizens to take part in the “#lichtfenster” campaign. He encouraged her to put a light in her window from Friday and also to share a picture of it with the hashtag #lichtfenster on social media. In Bellevue Palace, a light will be clearly visible in the central window above the portal.

“We put a light in the window. A light of sorrow, a light of sympathy, a light of compassion, ”said Steinmeier. “For too many people in our country, these Corona weeks are terribly dark weeks.” Far too many would have to mourn relatives. Far too many fought for survival in intensive care units and nursing homes. Far too many would have to fear for loved ones.
Steinmeier calls up #lichtfenste


En Allemagne, plus de 50000 personnes sont mortes des suites du coronavirus depuis le début de la pandémie il y a environ un an, comme l'a annoncé vendredi l'Institut Robert Koch. "C'est un chiffre déprimant, pour moi presque incroyable", a déclaré le patron du RKI Lothar Wieler.

Le président fédéral Steinmeier a également appelé tous les citoyens à participer à la campagne «#lichtfenster». Il l'a encouragée à mettre une lumière dans sa fenêtre à partir de vendredi et à en partager une photo avec le hashtag #lichtfenster sur les réseaux sociaux. Au château de Bellevue, une lumière sera clairement visible dans la fenêtre centrale au-dessus du portail.

«Nous avons mis une lumière dans la fenêtre. Une lumière de chagrin, une lumière de sympathie, une lumière de compassion », a déclaré Steinmeier. «Pour trop de gens dans notre pays, ces semaines Corona sont des semaines terriblement sombres.» Beaucoup trop devraient pleurer leurs proches.
 Beaucoup trop ont eu du mal à survivre dans les unités de soins intensifs et les maisons de retraite. Beaucoup trop auraient à craindre pour leurs proches.
Steinmeier appelle #lichtfenster

«L'Allemagne met une lumière dans la fenêtre parce que chaque« fenêtre lumineuse »nous relie les uns aux autres. Notre lumière dégage de la chaleur, notre lumière montre de la compassion dans une période sombre », a déclaré Steinmeier.

Congratulations to the new administration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.


          "I will be a President for all Americans"

The blessings of God be upon you and the people of the United States of America.


Félicitations à la nouvelle administration du président Joe Biden et du vice-président Kamala Harris.


         "Je serai président de tous les Américains"

Les bénédictions de Dieu soient sur vous et sur le peuple des États-Unis d'Amérique.

Call to action - "Be merciful!": The annual motto for 2021 fits the time
For Christians in Germany, the new year stands under the motto of mercy, which is given by the churches' annual motto. As dusty as the term may sound, its meaning is highly topical.


Appel à l'action - «Soyez miséricordieux!»: La devise annuelle pour 2021 correspond à l'heure
Pour les chrétiens d'Allemagne, la nouvelle année est sous la devise de la miséricorde, qui est donnée par la devise annuelle des églises. Aussi poussiéreux que le terme puisse paraître, sa signification est très actuelle.

Rescue ship "Sea-Watch 4" still prevented from leaving port

Rescue ship "Sea-Watch 4" still prevented from leaving port
News January 13, 2021
The crew of the “Sea-Watch 4” on a mission in the Mediterranean.
Bremen. The sea rescue ship "Sea-Watch 4" is still prevented from operating in the Mediterranean. "A conversation that I had with the Italian Minister of Transport Paola de Micheli and the head of the Italian Coast Guard in November could not change that," said the chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, on Tuesday evening. He expressed himself in an online symposium on migration and flight, which was organized by the Evangelical Church in Bremen, among others.
The ship, co-financed by the EKD, was arrested by the Italian authorities in Palermo in September after it had rescued more than 350 people from distress during its first mission. Alleged security deficiencies were given as the reason. "It is about, for example, that the Sea-Watch 4 is not registered as a rescue ship," said Bedford-Strohm. There is no registration as a rescue ship in the flag state of Germany.
The "Sea-Watch" is also accused of having too many life jackets on board. Bedford-Strohm: "Of course such life jackets have to be on board because they may be needed for refugees to be rescued." Sea-Watch also take legal action against the blockade. "The decision has now been referred by the administrative court in Palermo to the European Court of Justice. Whether the arrest of the ship should be suspended will be decided on January 26th."
The use of the "Sea-Watch 4" is urgently needed, stressed Bedford-Strohm. In the first days of the new year, at least 15 people drowned in the Mediterranean. Also in November and December and over the Christmas days there were constant crossings of refugees, accidents and deaths: "Meanwhile, in addition to the Sea-Watch 4, other rescue ships are also prevented from operating."

In the Palestinian Territories and Gaza Strip, vaccinations against the virus have so far only been a reality in murals, as here in Gaza


Dans les Territoires palestiniens et la bande de Gaza, les vaccinations contre le virus n'ont jusqu'à présent été une réalité que dans les peintures murales, comme ici à Gaza

While vaccination is taking place at record speed in Israel, it has not even started in the Palestinian Territories. Now Israel is defending itself against the allegation of ethnic discrimination and can refer to the Oslo Treaty. By Peter Münch, Tel Aviv Vaccinate the rich countries, the poor look in the tube: all over the world this is triggering debates about the unjust distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. But nowhere is the discrepancy so clearly evident in such a small area as between Israel and the Palestinian Territories - and nowhere else does this discussion lead with all its might into a political minefield. After all, this is about occupiers and occupied, about old fronts and rifts that could now deepen even further. On the one hand there is the Israeli vaccination world champion, who has already vaccinated more than 1.5 million of its nine million inhabitants with an impressive lightning start. On the other hand, there are the almost five million Palestinian neighbors in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, who so far have no chance at all of the vaccine. That is why the question is being asked louder and louder whether Israel, as the occupying power, is also obliged to take responsibility for the protection of the Palestinians. This week, the human rights organization Amnesty International demanded vehemently. Denying the Palestinians the Covid-19 vaccination shows "Israel's institutionalized discrimination" and shows that "Israeli lives are valued more highly than Palestinians," it said. Reference is also made to more than 600,000 Israeli settlers in the occupied territories who have free access to the Israeli vaccination program ........

Constanze Broelemann, Jahrgang 1978, leitet die Graubündner Redaktion der evangelisch-reformierten Zeitung in Chur. Die Zeitung "reformiert" ist die auflagenstärkste evangelische Zeitung in der Schweiz. Außerdem arbeitet sie in Teilzeit im Pfarramt in der Schweiz und macht schwerpunktmässig Konfirmandenarbeit.


Constanze Broelemann, born in 1978, heads the Graubündner editorial team of the Evangelical-Reformed newspaper in Chur. The newspaper "reformiert" is the largest-circulation Protestant newspaper in Switzerland. She also works part-time in the pastor's office in Switzerland and focuses on confirmation work.


Constanze Broelemann, née en 1978, dirige l'équipe éditoriale des Grisons du journal évangélique réformé de Coire. Le journal "reformiert" est le journal protestant le plus diffusé en Suisse. Elle travaille également à temps partiel dans le bureau du pasteur en Suisse et se concentre sur le travail de confirmation.


Die Nationalflaggen von Deutschland, Tanzania und Kamerun.


The national flags of Germany, Tanzania and Cameroon.


Seit 2004 bereise ich den afrikanischen Kontinent. Es hat sich daraus eine Freundschaft entwickelt - besonders zu Tanzania und Kamerun.

Seid mit mir gespannt, wie sich diese Freundschaft weiter entwickelt ...

Since 2004 I travel the African continent. It has developed a friendship - especially to Tanzania and Cameroon.
Be curious about how this friendship evolves ...

God Bless Africa.
Bless its leaders.
Let Wisdom Unity and
Peace be the shield of
Africa and its people.

Bless Africa,
Bless Africa,
Bless the children of Africa.

God Bless Tanzania.
Grant eternal Freedom and Unity
To its sons and daughters.
God Bless Tanzania and its People.

Bless Tanzania,
Bless Tanzania,
Bless the children of Tanzania. 


O Cameroun berceau de nos ancêtres,
Va, debout et jaloux de ta liberté.
Comme un soleil ton drapeau fier doit être,

Un symbole ardent de foi et d'unité,

Que tous tes enfants du Nord et Sud,
De l'Est à l'Ouest soient tout amour!
Te servir que ce soit le seul but
Pour remplir leur devoir toujour.



Chère Patrie, terre chérie,
Tu es notre seul et vrai bonheur.
Notre joie, notre vie,

A toi l'amour et le grand honneur.

Tu es la tombe où dorment nos pères,
Le jardin que nos aïeux ont cultivé.
Nous travaillons pour te rendre prospère,
Un beau jour enfin nous serons arrivés.
De l'Afrique sois fidèle enfant
Et progresse toujours en paix,
Espérant que tes jeunes enfants
T'aimeront sans bornes à jamais.

Foto: H. Pratz | (c) Kawohl Verlag 46485 Wesel













You Lord

beyond all




all speech

separating us

into one language

building bridges.  


Let us arrive

in mutual




Julius Nyerere | Infos von WIKIPEDIA


Un-Vergessene afrikanische Revolutionäre:

Julius Nyerere (auf das Bild clicken) ...


Julius Nyerere | Infos by WIKIPEDIA
Unforgettable African Revolutionaries:
Julius Nyerere (click on the picture) ...



Julius Nyerere: Reden und Schriften aus drei Jahrzehnten, Herausgegeben von Asit Datta, Horlemann Verlag, ISBN 3-89502-130-X

Begegnungen in Afrika-Tansania 2004 - 2012


Encounters in Africa-Tanzania 2004 - 2012

Kommt mit und begleitet mich ein Stück auf meinen Wegen von Deutschland durch Afrika und dort besonders durch Tanzania und Kamerun. Damit ich weiß, wer mich hier besucht, könnt ihr euch auch gern ins Gästebuch eintragen.


Come with me and accompany me a bit on my ways from Germany through Africa and there especially through Tanzania and Cameroon. To know who is visiting me here, you can also register in the guestbook.